Help & Support

myCore Overview

The myCore™ manual explains how to perform common tasks for creating and maintaining your myCore account. The resources in it will help walk you through the steps of creating standards-based units and lessons. This manual should be used as a post-training reference for any person who has been trained to use the myCore tool. If you have not been trained in myCore, please contact your school or district leader.


Configuration describes initial set up, requirements and protocols necessary for successfully using myCore in your school or district.


Resources in the Standards section will help you access standards and understand how to use Bloom's Taxonomy to plan lessons using the myCore tool.


Strategic Design is Insight's backwards design instructional approach of creating lessons using a clear process. It is explained in detail in this section.


The Curriculum manual shows users how to add classes, create units and lessons and search their library for archived classes.


myCore offers tools for School Leaders to assist them with monitoring lesson planning, adding staff members and managing coaches in the school.


District Leaders can learn about their myCore dashboard, upload district resources, share units with teachers in the district and utilize reporting tools.


Coaching can happen in real time in myCore. The manual takes educators and instructional coaches through the dashboard and flags feature.