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Frequently Asked Questions

Overall Functionality

  • How do I reset my password?

    Email to have your password reset.

  • When adding a class, can session dates be left blank?

    Session Dates need to be assigned in order to continue to the next step in the planning process.

  • Are teachers or administrators responsible for pacing dates?

    A district can pre-load dates so that they are attached to specific standards that help guide teachers to include standards based on pacing and standards testing dates. Teachers must add dates to specific unit and lesson plans.

  • Why is my Bloom’s coding slightly different from that of my colleagues?

    myCore provides fuzzy feedback when the Bloom's level applied is more than +/- 1 away from the Insight recommendation for that verb.

  • Can “yield signs” be cleared after fuzzy feedback suggestions are observed when assigning Bloom’s Taxonomy levels?

    The yield remains and serves as a reminder that Bloom’s levels may not be aligned to the intended Bloom’s level for a given standard.

  • How do I switch roles in myCore?

    If a user is assigned to multiple roles or the same role with more than one school, the user can click on the current role in the top right corner to switch between roles. When a user first logs in, the default dashboard is always the first role that was assigned to the user.

Sharing Functionality

Can a district upload units to share in myCore and just leave the lesson creation up to teachers? Can pieces within the shared units be locked so they are mandatory but other sections can still be edited?

Insight values empowering teachers to be great designers of instruction. This tool is not built just to funnel information from a district down to a teacher; it is intended to help teachers master the planning process. The units shared by districts contain lessons, but they are editable by the teacher once brought into their classes. There are some built in safeguards to ensure that essential elements are included.

Can I share my units with friends outside of myCore?

External sharing is possible with permission of the original owner via PDF. There is not a current sharing mechanism by members within the system, but this capability is planned for a future release.