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How to Use myCore’s Coaching Feature

The coaching manual focuses on one-on-one support for teachers offered through the myCore tool and explains how to perform common tasks that involve the coaching feature. In myCore an (instructional) coach is someone designated to help teachers use the [strategic design] process to create units and lessons.


Quick Coaching Tour




About Coaches

Coaches can access all features available to teachers and specific coaching features. Coaches have access to unit and lesson plans of teachers assigned to them, coach flags (the red ones), and specific coaching tools.


In myCore,


1. District admins upload names of coaches

2. School admins are set as the default coach and must assign coaches to teachers

3. Teachers may only have one coach, but coaches may be assigned to more than one school

4. Coaches must select coaching [role] to use coaching tools

5. Feedback can only be viewed by the teacher and his/her coach


Main Coaching Features


1. Coaching Dashboard

2. Flags & Coaching



1. Coaching Dashboard

The coaching dashboard screen is the homepage for coaches. It serves as a central location for maintaining, updating and personalizing a coach’s user account as well as reading, responding to and communicating with the teachers you have been assigned to coach. From the coaching dashboard, a coach can see if there are new flags waiting.



2. Flags & Coaching

Teachers can use flags as personal reminders (these are the blue ones) or to get help from a coach (the red flags). Coaches may set flags for the teachers they are coaching, but only teachers can remove flags. Users can access flags by clicking on coaching flag icons. The screencast below will walk you through the process of using flags for coaching in myCore.